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Oviture Strategies for Startups ™ helps Startups learn the stuff they need to know before they crash and burn. Most all startups fail, and the sad truth is that a significant percentage of startup failures are avoidable! Why? Because startups often lack a truly viable idea, a great execution plan, and enough resources to survive and thrive...but they don't recognize these problems until it's too late to fix them.

Oviture Strategies for Startups ™ helps Big Successful Businesses deliver educational events to startups. These Big Businesses have plenty of expertise, resources and space for events. Most importantly they are willing to help startups for free. Why? Because Big Businesses want to learn from startups, sell to startups and invest in startups! That means they are more than happy to provide educational events that help to "de-risk" startups. We refer to these events as the Oviture Strategies for Startups™ event series.

The events are free to invited guests, and they're designed to be very valuable to you the Startup Founder or Investor. Events will almost always be held at the offices of the Host firm, and they'll usually include parking and some refreshments. The events are also a lot of fun! You won't feel intimidated or out of your element.

If you're a startup you'll learn up-to-date and practical information about the topics you're interested in. You'll also network with other startups, investors and folks that can help you grow your startup. You'll build real relationships with professionals that know their stuff and you'll avoid working with folks that say they know a lot but aren't necessarily experts you can depend on.
Want to learn from experts and reduce your risk of Startup Failure?
Are you an established bigger business with 2 or more locations in different markets? If you want to effectively and affordably build relationships with Startups in those markets, you'll want to learn about how your company can host Strategies for Startups events here.

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