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Do You Want to Sell To or Work With Startups, But Are Frustrated?

If you are responsible for Sales, Partnerships, or Innovation in a bigger business, you may have already come to the conclusion that while startups are an important and growing part of the U.S. economy, they can be very difficult to find, engage and transact with.

Every year, about 500,000 startups are created in the United States and the vast majority are gone just one year later. There are many reasons for this, but statistically, there's not much question that the largest percentage of startups fail.

For some bigger companies, that means "ignore them...Startups are just too much work!" Target profiles are developed for acceptable sales engagement, venture investment, and innovation partnerships. Startups that haven't already achieved certain milestones for success, become invisible to your company. If you don't have policies for this, your sales or operations people might be creating them on those policies on-the-fly...not good!

While this "let's wait until they're bigger" strategy works to lower short-term costs, the longer-term costs of ignoring Startups could be much, much greater. When "2 guys and a dog" becomes "2 guys and a dog and 3 million bucks", your last-minute attempts to build a
relationship with that startup might be too little, too late. They've become a rising star and they've chosen to do business with your competitor. Even worse, they might have created a product or service that threatens your business.

Why Do Vast Majority of Startups Fail?

Startups die for a lot of reasons, but much of their failure can be attributed to three easy-to-understand problems:

  • Problem #1 - Their idea is poor and will never work, but the Founder / Investors don't understand that yet

  • Problem #2 - Their idea is good but they do not have the right people or resources

  • Problem #3 - Their idea is good and they have people and resources, but they don't know how to execute or manage their risks

We realize this is a very simplistic analysis, but it's meant to help you understand your challenge and see if we're a fit.

Assuming that you agree, is there anything you can do about this? Does your big business even care? Let's take a closer look...

Your business has no immediate incentive to fix Problem #1...startups with a poor idea. These startups are going to fail no matter what anyone does to try and help. You might however, be interested in what they're working on. You might want to know because it could influence your future business direction or inspire some sort of internal innovation. You might also sell a product or service that doesn't require a startup to succeed for you to make money.

Your business can fix Problem #2...startups without the right people or resources, but as a sales, marketing or operations executive, that's probably not your job or problem. If you have a Mergers and Acquisitions group, that's their task.

Your business can certainly fix Problem #3...startups that don't know how to execute or don't manage risk, as long as you are expert in the subject(s) that are causing execution or risk problems. You don't however, have any incentive to do so until they are ready to pay for your products or services, and most of them have no money to spend...yet. Even if they have money, you don't know if they have a need you can address.

Therefore, most big companies can't really decide which problem(s) a Startup might possess without spending a lot of time and money doing research, attending conferences, buying data, making expensive sales calls, etc. You probably aren't happy if your business is doing these kinds of things now, as it can be really expensive and may not work at all.

We Might Have a Solution for You

If you are responsible for Sales, Marketing, Operations or Innovation in a bigger business, we might have a solution for you.

  • You know that ignoring startups is a risky strategy at best

  • You want to be "top of mind" when a Startup is qualified to buy or work with you

  • Your firm is an unquestionable expert in one or more subjects startups need to learn about

  • You have physical locations in at least two, and ideally five or more markets (more is better)

  • You have budget and desire to build relationships with Startups in the markets you serve

  • Your current efforts to sell or otherwise engage Startups are not producing the results you want

  • You have space in your current locations / branch offices to host events

If this sounds like an accurate description of your business and situation, please consider our solution, below.

Host Successful and Low-Cost Educational Events for Startups at Your Office

Oviture™ Strategies for Startups™ provides a complete solution for bigger businesses that want to educate startups in-person at their offices (or at other convenient locations).

All you need is space for the event and your own team to interact with Startups. You'll typically reimburse guest parking and you may elect to provide refreshments or a meal. We can provide everything else you need. We can even provide the Startups to make your event successful! Here's a short list of options:

  • An event web page branded to your company

  • A web-based event management system

  • A web-based Startup Database and Marketing Software

  • Printed materials including signage, badges and syllabus

  • Phone and onsite support

  • Sponsors and sponsor management

  • Custom Startup Sales Strategy

Pricing begins at just $499 per event, plus reasonable up-front setup fees.

Your Bigger Business Has a Lot to Gain!

By using Oviture™ Strategies for Startups™, your business may receive the following benefits:

  • Lower cost of sales for business done with Startups

  • Greater number of sales to Startups

  • Reduced operational costs for selling to Startups

  • More and better utilization of in-house event space

  • Making your Brand more "Startup Friendly" and "Millennial Friendly"

  • Market intelligence at little or no incremental cost

  • Increased opportunity for Mergers and Acquistions

  • Strategic relationships with other regional or national bigger businesses

If these types of benefits sound interesting to your bigger business, please give us a call:

(844) 6 INNOV8

(844) 646-6688

Thank you!

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